BOOK REVIEW - Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington


Do NoT start reading this book unless you have nothing else planned because once you start reading it,you won't be able to put it down.

OMG,OMG,this book is absolutely brilliant,gripping,fast paced and has a very shocking ending.It's worthy of far more than five stars.

What starts out as an innocent Saturday Night out with her friends swiftly turns into a nightmare for seventeen year old Sophie Finch.First she is brought home by the police after been found totally wasted and wandering along a road on the outskirts of Ambrook,the small Devon village where she lives with her mum Karen and dad Mike,then when she wakes up the next morning she has no memory of what happened the night before.Having no memory,feeling ill and having your parents nagging at you is not a bad enough starts to your day for a seventeen year old she then finds out that her best friend Amy has not returned home after their night out and has disappeared.Is Sophie telling the truth about her amnesia or does she know more about her friends disappearance than she is letting on?.

The story is told in alternating chapters by Sophie,Sophie`s mum Karen who suffers from agoraphobia after a terrifying incident that happened two years ago and by Detective Inspector Lindsay Wade who is leading the investigation into Amy's disappearance.There is also emails scattered throughout the story that may or may not be written by the person who is behind Amy's disappearance.I liked Inspector Wade and her team,they got on well and she didn't have any superior officers breathing down her neck all the time and trying to undermine her just because she was a woman.The chapters are short and many of them end on cliff hangers that make you want to carry on reading.The characters are likeable just make some very questionable decisions at times,the story is gripping from the beginning right up to the rather surprising end and rockets along faster than a race scene in a fast and furious film.

It's a gripping psychological thriller about families,friendships,phobias,betrayals and lies,the story is very intreguing and has a hell of a twist at the end.This surprisingly is Sam Carringtons debut book,its absolutely brilliant and I loved it.Now I have the very long wait for her second book which sounds very good from the synopsis at the back of this one and which also happily involves Inspector Wade and her team.

                                                                       AUTHOR BIO

Sam Carrington lives in Devon with her husband, two border terriers and a cat. She has three adult children and a new grandson! She worked for the NHS for fifteen years, during which time she qualified as a nurse. Following the completion of a psychology degree she went to work for the prison service as an Offending Behaviour Programme Facilitator. Her experiences within this field inspired her writing. She left the service to spend time with her family and to follow her dream of being a novelist. SAVING SOPHIE, her debut psychological thriller, published in September 2016. It became a Kindle eBook bestseller, with the paperback hitting The Bookseller Heatseeker chart at #8. Sam was named an Amazon Rising Star of 2016. Her second psychological thriller, BAD SISTER, published in 2017 followed by ONE LITTLE LIE in July 2018. THE MISSING WIFE publishes in June 2019 with her fifth due on 12th December.

PUBLICATION DATE: 15th December 2016
PRINT LENGTH: 400 pages
GENRE: Psychological Thriller




BOOK REVIEW - The Girl You lost by Kathrn Croft

This book really rockets along.you barely have enough time to draw a breath as you as the reader and Simone who's baby daughter mysteriously disappeared eighteen years earlier are thrown from one dangerous situation to another and the twists come thick and fast as Simone investigates if a girl called Grace who has approached Simone claiming to be her missing daughter is telling the truth or not.You never know who is telling the truth and who Simone can trust,and although I did sort of see the final twist coming it was still a bit of a shock when I discovered that I was right.

The villains in this book are really nasty as are the crimes that they commit but the violence is not overly graphic although it did make me cringe a couple of times.

The twists and turns really do keep you guessing and turning the pages and although the ending was a bit soppy for my liking,I still thought it was a very good book and I will definitely be checking out Kathyrn Croft`s other books

                                                                                   AUTHOR BIO

Kathryn is the bestselling author of seven psychological thrillers and to date she has sold over one million copies of her books. Her third book, The Girl With No Past spent over four weeks at number one in the Amazon UK chart, and she has also appeared on the Wall Street Journal's bestsellers list.

With publishing deals in thirteen different countries, Kathryn writes full time and is now hard at work on her eighth book.

After twelve years living in London, she now lives in Guildford, Surrey, the place she grew up, with her husband, their little boy, baby daughter and two crazy cats.


PUBLICATION DATE: 5th February 2016
PUBLISHER: Bookouture
GENRE: Psychological Thriller


BOOK REVIEW - The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

his is the story of a young woman who agrees to take part in a new reality tv show called In The Dark.She and eleven other contestants will be pushed to their limits while they live deep in a forest and will have to overcome hunger,injury and all kinds of psychological mind games as well as living every minute of the day on camera.What she doesn't know is while they are taking part in the show the world outside is hit by a major event that kills hundreds of millions of people.As she struggles to survive what she thinks is her final solo challenge she struggles to understand what is real and what if anything is part of the game.

The story is told in alternating chapters between during the filming of the reality show and after when Zoo is trying to get home.I admit that I found Zoo`s chapters when she was on her own more interesting,there was more sense of danger and intrigue in those chapters.I found the descriptions of the challenges were too long and drawn out and was tempted a couple of times to skim read those chapters.The contestants are given names like Banker and cheerleader boy based on how their characters behave and these are the names that are used during the reality show chapters but during Zoo`s solo chapters she uses their real names when she is thinking about them which got a bit confusing.I did like Zoo,she was very brave and resourceful although sometimes you wanted to scream at her because of her stubbornness not to accept what was really going on.

This is Alexandria`s debut book,it is Very well written,thought provoking and has a intriguing twist at the end.I did enjoy reading it just some parts more than others.

BOOK REVIEW - See How They Run by Tom Bale

Alice and Harry have a eight week old baby called Evie,they are an ordinary couple who are just trying to adjust to having a new baby,Harry is a special effects designer and Alice is a stay at home mum who is constantly exhausted and trying her best to be a good mum.Their nightmare begins one night when two masked thugs break into their home and subject them to a very nasty experience while insisting that they know about a mysterious package that was or wasn't delivered to their address and is for a Mr Renshaw who Alice and Harry have never heard of.

What follows is a fast paced thrill ride packed with car chases,very nasty villains and a mixture of characters who may or may not be as friendly as they seem.After the first few chapters the story is told in alternating chapters told by either Harry or Alice plus a few chapters told from the point of view of other characters that are introduced as the story unfolds.The tension mounts even higher when Harry and Alice become separated and Harry races across country to get to Alice and Evie.The chapters featuring Alice are packed full of menace even more so because she has a baby and the people that she is with are very very nasty.Harry is being helped by a mysterious woman called Ruth,as a reader you are never quite sure wether he should trust her or not.

The story rockets along from the very first sentence,it is packed full of danger,twists,thrills and very nasty villains.The characters are all well thought out and even though it is hard to understand a couple of Alice's actions you can feel the fear that she feels for her and Evie`s lives.The book is very well written,very gripping and I thoroughly enjoyed every nerve shredding minute.

                                                                       AUTHOR BIO

Tom Bale had a variety of jobs before realising his lifelong ambition to be a full-time writer. He is the author of nine thrillers, including the best sellers SEE HOW THEY RUN, ALL FALL DOWN and SKIN AND BONES. His latest release, a sci-fi thriller called THE STONE SONG, is available exclusively as an audiobook. A keen cyclist and swimmer, he lives by the sea in Brighton.

PUBLISHER: Bookouture
GENRE: Psychological Thriller



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    Tom Bale had a variety of jobs before realising his lifelong ambition to be a full-time writer. He is the author of nine thrillers, including the best sellers SEE HOW THEY RUN, ALL FALL DOWN and SKIN AND BONES. His latest release, a sci-fi thriller called THE STONE SONG, is available exclusively as an audiobook. A keen cyclist and swimmer, he lives by the sea in Brighton.

    BOOK REVIEW - The Widow by Fiona Barton

    Wow,this book is really good,it gripped me from the first word to the last,I was so hooked in by the story I didn't want to put it down.
    Jean Taylor's control freak of a husband is accused of abducting a two year old girl called Bella from her front garden.Does Jean stand by him or walk away?,does she know more than she is letting on?.We have all watched the news and wondered if the accused partner knew what was happening and just pretended not too.

    The story is told in alternating chapters from the perspective of Jean ( the widow),Kate ( the reporter),DI Sparkes (the detective),Dawn (the mother) and one chapter told from the perspective of Glen,the creepy husband.The story flips back and forth between before and after Glen`s trial but the chapters are clearly marked so the story is easy to follow.There is not a long drawn out description of the trial,it is covered by only one chapter which is good,I am not a fan of pages and pages of trial coverage.

    My favourite parts of the book where the chapters told from Jean and DI Sparke`s perspective although sometimes I wanted to grab Jean and give her a good shaking,she was just so blinkered or was she just acting that way?.I enjoyed the interaction between the Murder team members and the fact that they got on well with each other and the fact that the higher ranked officers were not over bearing bullies like you find in so many books about police forces.I really liked DI Sparkes,he was a genuine caring detective who was deeply affected by Bella`s disappearance and although he made mistakes it was only because he wanted to find Bella and get justice for her mum.It takes four long years for the case to be solved,there are so many brick walls and dead ends and you can feel the frustration and lose of hope that the team feels when all their hard work comes to nothing.

    We all know that the press will do anything to get a front page story and I was prepared to really dislike Kate but although she did come across as hard nosed and selfish at times when she was trying to get Jean to tell her story,she had a good working relationship with DI Sparkes with some flirty banter going back and forth.

    The ending of the book is quite sad but it is refreshing to read a story that ends realistically,real life doesn't always have a happy ending.The story is not action packed or full of twists but it is very intriguing and very well written especially for a debut book.The characters are realistic and well thought out,you do get some background information but only enough to give you some insight into the characters.I hope Fiona Barton is going to write another book featuring DI Sparkes and I will definitely be adding her to my authors to look out for list.

    BOOK REVIEW - All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

    All the Missing Girls is a very well written,intriguing,gripping book.Starting the story from day 15 of a girl's disappearance and working backwards to day 1 after a couple of chapters that set the scene and introduce you to the main characters is a totally brilliant idea and very ingenious.I was gripped from the first word and read the book in two days,I really couldn't put it down.You might think that knowing about an event and then finding out what caused that event in the next chapter might be frustrating or that events would get repeated over again but that doesn't happen.There was no unwanted drawn out descriptions or pages of padding,the story flowed along nicely and really drew me in.

    The characters are mostly unlikable and all have dark secrets that they would do anything to keep hidden.The only characters I could feel some sympathy for were Everett who`s only mistake was falling in love and Nic`s dad who was only doing what he though was right to protect his daughter.

    The story twists and turns and really keeps you guessing,telling the story backwards is a brilliant new idea,going on this she is an author well worth keeping an eye out for and I look forward to reading more books written by her in the future.

    BOOK REVIEW - Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts

    Diana's six year old nephew Ethan is kidnapped while they are at a fun house,is there a connection between the kidnapping and events from Diana`s past?.

    The story is told from the duel perspectives of Diana and her Daughter Aubrey as Aubrey struggles to overcome her self doubt and pick apart the secrets that her parents have been hiding for many years.Interspersed throughout the story are flashbacks to Diana's past,although the flashbacks are not marked I didn't have any problems following the story.

    I did enjoy this book,the story is full of twists and does keep you guessing.The characters are believable but some were very stubborn and  frustrating at times and a couple came across as very selfish and self centred.The story flows along nicely and there are no long winded descriptions or unneeded filler pages.It would have been nice if the chapters had been headed so you knew which characters perspective you were reading but them not been headed didn't ruin my enjoyment of the book and I look forward to reading more from this author.