ONE DAY BLOG BLITZ, CONTENT POST & GIVEAWAY - The Write Balance by Bonnie Goldberg


                                                                    BOOK  SYNOPSIS

Bonni Goldberg’s The Write Balance introduces you to alternative perspectives and motivation for lasting creative fulfillment. This companion book to the beloved bestseller, Room toWrite is filled with encouragement, tools, examples and exercises. 

Through years of teaching writing in workshops and in classrooms, Bonni has seen that the writers who are most passionate and grounded in their Writing Self embrace three aspects of the writing process: nurturing ideas, revising to best communicate those ideas, and completing the writing cycle by going public. 

In this powerful guide, Bonni invites you to explore these creative stages which are essential to satisfying your Writing Self. 

Use The Write Balance to: 

Find Fulfillment as a Writer 

Explore Creative Writing 

Add to Your Writer’s Toolbox for Perspective 

Overcome Writer’s Block 

Teach Creative Writing 

Inspire Your Writing Group 

Give as Gifts to the Writers in Your Life 

One of the main themes in The Write Balance is that writers (and really all creatives ) can get stuck in practicing their writing in a particular way. Then it stops working. Like most practices in life, change is necessary to feeling satisfied or fulfilled. As we evolve, we have to adjust how we do things as well as how we see them or risk a life reliving the past instead of embracing the present. In this section of the book about revising writing, I focus on something anyone, no matter who they are can do to get out of a rut and find a new perspective. 

A tendency common to people who struggle with rewriting is that they are Functionally Fixed, a term developed by writer and educator Ben Reynolds. This refers to the ways in which we routinely do things because they work for us. For instance, every morning I shower first thing. It helps me wake up gently, and it gives my husband time alone with our daughter before he leaves for work. So there’s nothing wrong with my shower practice. It’s practical. But Ben’s idea is that if we challenge any aspect of our functional fixedness by making a change, we can create a shift in our perceptions, the way a vacation gives us a fresh outlook by taking us away from our normal routine. The change may not be enormous, but it can be potent and useful.

During one of my attempts to get functionally unfixed, I took my shower later in the morning for a week. The first day I got to see the sunrise as I ate my breakfast. It was uplifting. On the second day, when my skin-and-bones toddler wanted cream cheese and jelly on a bagel—which always turns into her licking the jelly off and asking for more—for the first time I realized I could put the cream cheese on top of the jelly instead of the other way around. Sure enough, she ate the high-calorie cream cheese on her way to the jelly. That afternoon I made myself a lunch of sliced egg on toast and I shook the salt and pepper on the bread before I put the egg on top. I liked it much better that way because salt wasn’t the first thing I tasted, and the pepper didn’t burn my lips. 

These were tiny changes, but they were improvements in my everyday life. The next day I had on my list to print out all the e-mails that were cluttering up my on-line mail folder. I’d been putting off this chore for weeks because it seemed overwhelmingly boring. I looked at the twenty or so files, and suddenly it occurred to me that I could print out three a day over the next week. The shift in the way I saw the work made it manageable. Our Writing Self gets functionally fixed when it comes to rewriting. We have our attitudes about revision, our ways of doing it, or our reasons not to do it at all. When we challenge just one of these beliefs, we create a shift. By examining your rewriting attitudes, you can decide which one you want to change. Ask yourself these questions: What does revision mean to me? How do I do it? Why do I do it? Your answers will include your functionally fixed concepts.

                                                                      AUTHOR INFO

Bonni Goldberg is the author of The Write Balance: How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public , the companion book to the best-seller Room to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life . Bonni is an award-winning poet and writer. She is the creator of the 2 Minute Journals ™ series. Both traditionally and indie published, her books include non-fiction for adults and fiction and non-fiction for young readers. Her essays and blog posts can be found in numerous print and online publications. 

Bonni teaches creative writing at colleges and leads writing workshops internationally for all ages. She knows everyone is creative, and she supports people to discover and share their authentic, meaningful and imaginative experiences through words. Whether through her writings or through teaching, her methods and perspectives continue to empower thousands of adults, families, and children. 

Bonni is also a Jewish educator. She speaks, writes, and leads workshops on Jewish topics such as Jewish identity, rituals and antisemitism at Jewish women’s events, JCCs, and conferences. Bonni Goldberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner in life, and some creative projects, artist Geo Kendall.








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BLOGTOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The Adoption by Jenna Kernan


When we are first introduced to our main character and narrator of this emotionally charged story, Dani Sutton, she is in the process of having a consultation with her psychiatrist Dr Virginia Allen. Dani is being prepared for her release from Windwood Psychiatric Unit into the care of her husband Judge Tate Sutton. We discover that Dani has spent the last six months in the unit after she and her sister Shelby has been involved in a car accident. In the aftermath of the accident, both of the sisters had been left with life altering injuries, Shelby was now severely disabled and relied on a wheelchair to get around whilst Dani had been left with a brain injury and a condition called acquired Prosopagnosia which had resulted in her sinking into a deep depression. Dani had mixed feelings about leaving the unit,she had grown to view the place as home of sorts and felt safe and secure within its walls. Obviously she wanted to go home with her handsome, loving husband but leaving the unit meant confronting so many unknowns, a situation which was made so much more daunting by her inability to recognise faces. To begin with, Tate appeared to be a devoted husband but from the minute that they arrived at their luxurious house which was situated within a exclusive gated community and had views of the boats chugging up and down the canal, I couldn't shake off the suspicious feeling that there was something not very trustworthy about his character. As Dani struggled to settle into her new home and adapt to the subsequent changes to the routine that she had grown accustomed too whilst she was in the unit, she often found herself overwhelmed by conflicting emotions.

I have read that some other reviewers have felt that the author's descriptions of Dani's struggles with her feelings and mental health issues came across as repetetive. But as a person who actually suffers from mental health issues, I personally thought that Dani's thought processes and her daily battles with the never ending cycle of guilt, doubt, anxiety and paranoia came across as authentic and relatable. Some days, no matter how hard you try to block out the feelings, they are always lurking somewhere in the back of your mind, patiently waiting the perfect opportunity to mess with your thoughts again. Dani's anxieties weren't help by the fact that Tate kept finding various reasons to leave her on her own within the new and unfamiliar surroundings of a house that was decorated and furnished more to suit his lavish tastes than her own. She also had unanswered questions about the accident which had devastated both her own and Shelby's live's, why did she remember feeling so angry before the crash? Why was she with Shelby when her sister was due to spend Christmas with Dani and Tate? Why had Dani been driving so fast in the lead up to the accident?

The first 30% of the story is quite slow but the pace ramps up a gear or two once baby Willow enters Dani's life. Dani had always wanted to be a mother and not long after her release from the unit, Tate informs her that they had been accepted by a adoption agency and were now the proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl. Initially, Dani was overjoyed at finally being a mother but as time passed, she began to have doubts about the legality of the adoption. It had all happened so fast, had Tate used his political connections to bend a few rules and get them a baby? Was Dani mentally capable of taking care of a vulnerable young child? Then Dani suddenly started being stalked and harassed by a mysterious woman but Tate refused to believe anything that she tried to tell him. As the story unfolded, it even appeared that Dr Allen was conspiring against Dani and struggling to know who she could truly trust, Dani's life and sanity began to spiral out of control and she found herself being gradually pushed closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. Could Dani be saved before the twisted puppet master severed the strings and sent her whirling into mental oblivion?

The Adoption is a emotionally charged,domestic drama/thriller with a plot that has some unexpected twists, turns and revelations during the second half of the story. The cast of characters were realistic and believable and I felt that the author had written about Dani's various mental health issues with care, understanding and sensitivity causing me to feel a lot of sympathy and empathy for the author's main character. I do admit that it took a while for this story to hook me in due to the long length of the chapters but I did enjoy this journey through the trial's and tribulations of the characters lives and I would gladly read more of this author's books in the future.

                                                                       AUTHOR INFO

Bestselling author Jenna Kernan writes gripping domestic thrillers. Her 2021 release, A Killer’s Daughter, won the bronze medal from the Florida Book Awards in the popular fiction category and her next release, The Adoption, arrives in May 2022 and features a couple whose adoption goes from blissful to terrifying when a dark secret and menacing stranger threaten the baby. Visit Jenna at www.jennakernan.com.

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BOOK COVER REVEAL - The Only Exception (Love In The Comptons #2) by Claire Huston


                                                                   BOOK SYNOPSIS

Lucinda Green knows something is missing from her life. But what? Her catering business is enjoying modest success and she loves her cosy house, even if she does have to share it with her irritating ex-fiancĂ©. 

Whatever’s making her unsettled and edgy, Lucinda’s certain that a lack of romance isn’t the problem. How could it be when she doesn’t believe in true love? 

But Lucinda’s beliefs are shaken by a series of electric encounters with Alex Fraser, a newly-notorious actor who gradually proves himself to be infuriatingly funny and smart, as well as handsome. 

Not that any of that matters. Because Lucinda doesn’t believe in all that ‘The One’ nonsense. That’s the rule. 

But doesn’t every rule have an exception? 

This uplifting grumpy-meets-sunshine romance is perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Phillipa Ashley and Milly Johnson.

                                                                      AUTHOR INFO

Claire Huston lives in Warwickshire with her husband and two children. She writes uplifting modern love stories about characters who are meant for each other but sometimes need a little help to realise it.

A keen amateur baker, she enjoys making cakes, biscuits and brownies almost as much as eating them. You can find recipes for over a hundred sweet treats at clairehuston.co.uk. This is also where she talks about and reviews books.

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If you wish to read the first book in the Love In The Compton's series before you dive into book 2 then just click on the link below and treat yourself to the EBook edition for just 99p



BLOGTOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The Great American Boogaloo by Paul Flower

                                                                     BOOK SYNOPSIS

From his woodland bunker in Michigan, Bo ‘Big Bruddah’ Watts has assembled a scratch army of gun-toting militiamen, and he’s ready to use it. Rumours are circulating that the liberal, female President of the USA is going to fight climate change by banning beef, snatching the great American hamburger from the mouths of patriots. Big Bruddah missed the last militia uprising. That one, sparked by a conspiracy theory about a deadly virus and stolen cheese recipes, ended in failure when his now ex-wife, Miky Spike, stopped the potentially bloody conflict at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Wisconsin.

He is determined to stop the president, with the help of eccentric octogenarian Wilbur Tuttle, who runs Silver Eagle Security, the private military enterprise owned by the hapless former governor of Michigan, Bill Hoeksma.

The plan is to launch a coup in Tampa, Florida by kidnapping the President’s daughter and then installing Hoeksma as a puppet President. With the support of Silver Eagle’s best men, Big Bruddah and Tuttle hope to ignite the long-awaited insurrection militia members call the “boogaloo.” What could possibly go wrong???

I really don't know where to start with my review of this strangely captivating tale of internal politics, conspiracy theories, spies, the battle for power, double crosses, climate change and Dirk's, a hell of a lot of Dirk's on a plane. 

The story is written in nine parts and has a quite large cast of vivid, realistic individuals, many of whom had opinions on various other sections and members of society that were unfortunately very authentic and realistic. The story is set in a number of different states of America and the plot centres on a number of characters beef (get it) with the female President's (they have beef with that as well) alleged plans to fight climate change by banning beef. Now, I don't personally know if cattle do actually have any effect on the climate, I mean, they do fart and poop a lot but then don't we all, it's just nature...right. But I can fully understand certain people not being happy about the subsequent lose of hamburgers (me,I would personally be more upset about not being able to have spag bol for my tea anymore) Certain individuals are so upset by the rumours that they devise a cunning plan which involves removing the President from office and replacing her with their own puppet in the shape of one Commander Bill, a man who was so useless and easy to manipulate that he made our own Prime minister Boris Johnson appear intelligent.In fact I think that our dog has more brain cells than their two brains combined into one. No matter what country you live in, we often live with unrealistic hope's that the people in power or work.for large companies actually have our best interests at heart,will keep the promises that they have made and can be trusted. Unfortunately, this is very often not the case,they really only care about their own reputations, lining their own pockets and wouldn't know the how to tell the truth if their own lives depended on it. This has been the attitude of the people in power since way back in the past when history first started being recorded and I unfortunately don't believe that fact is ever going to change at any point in the future. We only actually get to spend time with the President during one chapter of the story so therefore it was difficult to form any opinion of her character but from the time that we got to spend with her, I actually thought she was quite likeable. I also liked feisty Raina Richter, Miky Spike and a character called Jackson Nguyen who,though no fault of his own found himself caught up in a kidnapping sub plot. I loved the interactions and back and forth banter between some of the secondary characters but I can't say that found anyone else very likeable and there was a few that I thought were quite annoying for a variety of different reasons. I did like how the author ended the book by catching the reader up on the events in the lives of some of the main characters who had featured throughout the story.

As I have previously mentioned, this is a strangely captivating story that is very well written and has a plot that is at times very scarily authentic and believable, covers some relatable and realistic issues from the past and the present day and also includes an added dash of humour. Although this is a sequel to the previous book The Great American Cheese War and there is a number of references to events from that story scattered throughout the book The Great American Boogaloo can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone. I thought this was a enthralling, entertaining read and I would gladly read more of this author's books in the future.

                                                                  AUTHOR INFO

Paul Flower was born and raised in Michigan and still resides there. He has been writing professionally for more than 37 years. While much of his career has been spent in advertising and marketing, he worked in broadcasting for a short time. Paul has one previously published novel to his credit, and his writing has appeared in national and regional magazines. He and his wife have four grown children and a rapidly evolving number of incredibly beautiful and intelligent grandchildren.

PUBLICATION DATE: 31st March 2022






BLOGTOUR, BOOK PROMO - The Serial Killer's Girl by L. H. Stacey


                                                                     BOOK SYNOPSIS

Does a killer’s blood run in the family? 

Lexi Jakes thought she could run from her past. 

But when her biological mother is found dead, strangled with a red silk scarf and holding a chess piece, Lexi knows that her worst nightmare has come true. Because the murder has all the hallmarks of her own serial killer father, renown strangler Peter Graves. 

Now with her own precious daughter’s life in danger, Lexi will do anything to keep her child safe… she is her father’s daughter after all.

                                                                       AUTHOR INFO

Lynda Stacey is the bestselling psychological suspense author of over five novels. Alongside her writing she is a fulltime sales director for an office furniture company and has been a nurse, an emergency first response instructor and a PADI Staff Instructor. She lives near Doncaster with her husband. 

Social Media Links – 

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/LHStaceyauthor

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/LyndaStacey

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com

Newsletter Sign Up: https:// bit.ly/ LHStaceynewsletter

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th April 2022





BLOGTOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The Housemaid by Frieda McFadden


                                                                     BOOK SYNOPSIS

“Welcome to the family,” Nina Winchester says as I shake her elegant, manicured hand. I smile politely, gazing around the marble hallway. Working here is my last chance to start fresh. I can pretend to be whoever I like. But I’ll soon learn that the Winchesters’ secrets are far more dangerous than my own…

Every day I clean the Winchesters’ beautiful house top to bottom. I collect their daughter from school. And I cook a delicious meal for the whole family before heading up to eat alone in my tiny room on the top floor.

I try to ignore how Nina makes a mess just to watch me clean it up. How she tells strange lies about her own daughter. And how her husband Andrew seems more broken every day. But as I look into Andrew’s handsome brown eyes, so full of pain, it’s hard not to imagine what it would be like to live Nina’s life. The walk-in closet, the fancy car, the perfect husband.

I only try on one of Nina’s pristine white dresses once. Just to see what it’s like. But she soon finds out… and by the time I realize my attic bedroom door only locks from the outside, it’s far too late.

But I reassure myself: the Winchesters don’t know who I really am.

They don’t know what I’m capable of…

This addictive, intense and atmospheric domestic drama is written in three parts, the first part is told from the perspective of Millie, a ex con who has been living in her car after she was fired from her job which subsequently resulted in her being evicted from her home. Millie was getting tired of living on junk food and would like nothing more than to stretch out her legs in a actual bed. So, she is understandably delighted when, after attending an interview at the beautiful home of Nina Winchester, she is offered the position of live in housemaid. Ok, so her attic room wasn't much bigger than a broom cupboard and the tiny window had been painted shut but the room contained a actual bed and Millie was really desperate to escape the confines of her car. Plus, there was the added bonus of some delicious eye candy in the shapes of Nina's handsome husband Andrew and Enzo, the groundsman. Initially,the only downside to Millie's new life was Nina's nine year old daughter Cecelia who reminded Millie of a creepy child from a horror movie with her old fashioned dresses and sinister stares. But, as time went by, Millie began to discover that things were not as perfect as they had originally appeared within the walls of the Winchester mansion, Nina's mood swings were as unpredictable as the weather and Cecelia was a obnoxious, spoilt brat. At least Andrew treated Millie with care and respect and as she feel deeper under his charming spell, she began to question why he put up with his apparently horrible wife. But, as we all know, people are not always who they appear to be and Millie will soon wish that she had heeded the warning that Enzo had tried to give her on her first day at the house and gotten as far away as possible from the Winchester family.

The second part of the story is partially written in the form of excerpts from Nina's journal that tell the story of her relationship with Andrew and the truth about the dynamics within their marriage. It's during this part and part three which is written from the alternating perspectives of both Nina and Millie that it becomes obvious to the reader just how clever and manipulative the author had been whilst writing her,at times dark and sinister story. There are some unexpected reveals during both of these parts of the story during which the author takes everything that you thought you knew about her cast of realistic main characters, screws it up into a tiny ball and chucks it into the nearest bin. All three of the adults who lived in the Winchester home were flawed and manipulative and as the hidden secrets began to be revealed,I started to feel so much sympathy and concern for poor little Cecelia's mental well being. What hope was there for her future when almost all of the adults that she interacted with where apparently so messed up.

This is a extremely well written, enthralling blend of domestic drama and thriller with pages that are permeated with spine chilling,intensity and atmosphere. The author draws the reader into her realistic and believable character's fictional world with a intriguing opening  prologue and keeps you captivated as the story works its way towards its unexpected closing twist. The plot covers some realistic and relatable issues including mental and physical abuse and coercive behaviour and the story does get very dark at times and has a satisfying dash of poetic justice. This is the first book that I have read that was written by this author and it most definitely will not be my last,gripping, intricately plotted, addictive and very very highly recommended.

                                                                      AUTHOR INFO

#1 Amazon bestselling author Freida McFadden is a practicing physician specializing in brain injury who has penned multiple Kindle bestselling psychological thrillers and medical humor novels. She lives with her family and black cat in a centuries-old three-story home overlooking the ocean, with staircases that creak and moan with each step, and nobody could hear you if you scream. Unless you scream really loudly, maybe.

To hear Freida talk more about herself in the third person, visit her website: https://www.freidamcfadden.com/


Author social media


Twitter: @Freida_McFadden

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Freida-McFadden-Author-of-Psychological-Thrillers-and-Medical-Humor-400860063303345/

Instagram: @fizzziatrist

PUBLICATION DATE: 26th April 2022

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DOUBLE COVER REVEAL - The Prodigal Mother & What Lies Beneath by Stephen Edger



                                                                    BOOK SYNOPSIS

What Lies Beneath

Grieving father Joe Irons wants nothing but justice following daughter Lydia's abduction and murder. But when police release prime suspect David Calderwood due to a lack of evidence, Joe feels compelled to act. In the dead of night he weighs up the moral implications of whether doing a bad thing for a good reason is justifiable. With Calderwood abducted and imprisoned in a cell beneath the stairs, Joe intends to obtain a confession no matter the cost.

When Joe learns that another child has been taken, he’s certain David is involved, and is in a race against time to break his prisoner, but wanting to hurt someone isn’t the same as physically doing it.

Invading David’s home, Joe begins to piece together how his captive thinks, picking up the investigation the police have left open. With a child’s life hanging in the balance, will Joe have what it takes to find the truth?

WHAT LIES BENEATH is an adrenaline-fuelled, high concept thriller that will appeal to fans of Adrian McKinty’s The Chain, and CJ Tudor’s The Other People.

Publication Date – 6th June

Pre-order Links 

UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B0057HQTHE

US - https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B0057HQTHE 

The Prodigal Mother

Five years ago, Abbie's son Josh died during delivery. It's taken this long for her and husband Mark to even think about trying to restart their family. Now eight months pregnant, Abbie won't dare dream of a happy ending in case it is snatched away again.

When a stranger tells Abbie that Josh was switched at the hospital and is living under a new identity, Abbie desperately wants to believe it's a second chance, but Mark isn't as easily convinced, especially when the stranger's mental health issues come to light. 

Abbie can't find Josh without the stranger's help, but she can't risk the life of the child she is carrying. And she doesn't know how far Josh's new family will go to keep their secret buried.

Told at a breakneck pace, and with twists on every page THE PRODIGAL MOTHER is a gripping psychological suspense, perfect for fans of CL Taylor, Louise Jensen, and CJ Tudor.

Publication Date – 5th September

Pre-order Links –

UK -  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09VMB4H59/

US - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09VMB4H59/ 

                                                                      AUTHOR INFO

 Stephen Edger is the Amazon bestselling author of psychological and crime thrillers, including Snatched, and the Kate Matthews series. Born in the north-east of England, he now lives in Southampton where most of his stories are set, allowing him to use his insider knowledge to deliver realistic and unsettling suspense on every page.

Away from writing, Stephen loves to read anything that will keep him awake at night. He’s also a passionate advocate for contemporary cinema and binge-watching the latest offerings from streaming services. He is married with a son and a daughter, and two dogs.

Social Media Links – www.facebook.com/AuthorStephenEdger