BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - Once Again by Catherine Wallace Hope

                                                                  BOOK DESCRIPTION

What if you had the chance to save someone you lost? Isolated in the aftermath of tragedy, Erin Fullarton has felt barely alive since the loss of her young daughter, Korrie. She tries to mark the milestones her therapist suggests - like this day: the five hundredth - but moving through grief is like swimming against a dark current. Her estranged husband, Zac, a brilliant astrophysicist, seems to be coping better. Lost in his work, he's perfecting his model of a stunning cosmological phenomenon, one he predicts will occur on this same day - an event so rare, it keeps him from being able to acknowledge this milestone alongside Erin. But when Erin receives a phone call from her daughter's school, the same call she received five hundred days earlier when Korrie was still alive, Erin realises something is happening. Or happening again. Struggling to understand the sudden shifts in time, she pieces together that the phenomenon Zac is tracking may have presented her with the gift of a lifetime: the chance to save her daughter. As Erin is swept through time, she's unable to reach Zac or convince the authorities of what is happening. Forced to find the answer on her own, Erin must battle to keep the past from repeating - or risk losing her daughter for good.

I'm fairly certain that everybody makes mistakes throughout their lifetime.  That no matter what your social standing is, be you rich or poor, or what your sexual orientation is, age or the colour of your skin, you are bound to make a mistake or three. I know I have, it's one of the many parts of our human make-up. Some mistakes are small and have no repercussions whilst others have far reaching consequences that affect not just the person who made the mistake but also others. Some mistakes can have lasting effects on someone's mental health resulting in feelings of guilt, remorse, regret and self blame. I'm sure many people have had moments when they have wished that they could go back in time and rectify some of their mistakes, I know I have but if I was given the opportunity to do so, I don't think I would want too. I have watched enough Sci-fi on television to know that messing around with the past can have a detrimental effect on the future and that playing around with the space/time continuum is not a very good idea. 

The chapters of this gripping story mainly alternate between Erin and Zac and are set in three time frames 2020,2021 and 2022. Erin and Zac's marriage  fell apart after their six year old daughter Korrie was abducted from school and murdered. Five hundred days later, Erin has sunk into a deep depression and can't shake off her feelings of guilt and regret, the if only that keep running around her brain. Whilst Zac has thrown all his time nd energy into his latest ground breaking experiment. Then Erin suddenly receives a startling phone call from Korrie's school, the season's begin alternating between summer and winter and Erin gradually begins to wonder that by some miracle she has the opportunity to change time and rescue her beloved daughter before she is murdered. Erin's chapters were intense, gripping, had some heroine in danger moments and were my favourite parts of the story. Erin was a intelligent, feisty mumma bear who was determined to do everything in her power to get the opportunity to hold her daughter in her arms again. 

I will be honest and admit that I struggled with all the science informatio during Zac's chapters. The information about black and white holes was fascinating and informative but it was all a bit out of my poor brains league at times. I did enjoy the banter between Zac and his work colleagues Mark and Jon but I most definitely didn't like their boss walter. Interspersed throughout the story was chapters that were voiced from the perspectives of Tom Drake who was one of the officers who investigated Korrie's abduction and also from the killer himself. The killer was a very unlikable individual and some of his thoughts were shockingly realistic and made uncomfortable reading at times.

This is a cleverly written, unique blend of thriller, science and sci-fi that had two different endings, a this is what did and could have happened scenario.The cast of characters were a mixed bag of diverse, realistic individuals and some of the settings were beautifully and vividly described. I did enjoy reading this slick, intelligent debut and would happily read more of this author's books in the future.

                                                                  ABOUT THE AUTHOR                       

Award-winner Catherine Wallace Hope grew up in Colorado, the setting for her thriller Once Again. She earned her degree in creative writing at the University of Colorado. She also delved into dance in New York and art and psychology in California. When she returned to Colorado, she became an instructor at the renowned Lighthouse Writers Workshop, offering creativity workshops for writers. Currently, she and her family are living on an island in the Pacific Northwest where they serve at the pleasure of two astonishingly spoiled dogs.



Twitter @catwallacehope

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PUBLICATION DATE: 8th October 2020

ISBN-10 : 164385481X

ISBN-13 : 978-1643854816

Product Dimensions : 14.35 x 2.44 x 21.59 cm

Publisher : Crooked Lane Books (8 Oct. 2020)


Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Once-Again-Catherine-Wallace-Hope/dp/164385481X


BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The Stairwell by Dean Bryant

                                                                 BOOK DESCRIPTION

Frightful visions. An unknown manipulator. A force from beyond reason.

Brandon Chapman arrives home to a horrific scene. His wife, Stephanie, is exhibiting behaviour that he can only describe as that of someone possessed – yet he doesn’t even believe in the supernatural. He soon realises that it was nothing other than a frightful, haunting vision.

After discovering a dark secret about Stephanie, Brandon meets a strange figure with knowledge about his own life that no one could possibly know. As his visions become more frequent and terrifying, he begins to question his sanity.

Brandon must either side with this figure or his wife before his daughter comes to harm.

Alice Hamilton, a shy and quiet university student, meets handsome Niel Curtis whilst on a night out with friends. They very quickly fall for one another, but their happiness is short-lived when Niel ends up in a coma after a traffic accident.

Alice fears he may never wake up again and, unaware of the consequences, strikes a deal with a strange voice. When Niel awakes, his behaviour changes drastically, and Alice – like Brandon – becomes subject to nightmarish, violent visions.

Are Brandon and Alice caught in a never-ending nightmare?


OMG,this book is absolutely bloody incredible. This spine chilling story is written in chapters that alternate between Brandon, whose chapters are set in the present day and Alice, whose chapters are set in the past. In Brandon's chapters we learn that he is being plagued by terrifying nightmares in which a horrifying creature who looks a lot like his wife Stephanie has murdered their three year old daughter Lily. We follow Brandon's journey as he struggles to save his marriage whilst battling with depression, his conscience and the mysterious voice inside his head. A voice that sounds remarkably like his new friend, the sinister figure that Brandon keeps seeing everywhere and who keeps insisting that Brandon must kill Stephanie before it is too late.

 In the chapters set in the past, Alice is in her first year at University and is struggling to fit in. She is a pretty girl although she thinks she is plain and overweight so she is therefore shocked when she is approached at the students union by handsome Nial and they end up spending the night together in her tiny room. Nial is kind hearted, loving and caring and soon the pair are inseparable, even Alice's parents like him. By this point me and probably many other readers are thinking, yep, I know where this is going, whirlwind romance, perfect boyfriend it's all too good to be true. And you would be right but Alice's life doesn't turn into a living nightmare due to the usual reasons. Apart from the terrible visions that she has suddenly started experiencing, all is going well in Alice's life until Nial is involved in a terrible accident and Alice is so desperate to have her wonderful boyfriend back that she forgets the golden rule, be very careful what you wish for. Her wish is granted but she swiftly starts to wish that is wasn't after she finds herself being terrorised by someone who looks a lot like her once loving boyfriend but whose personality has changed beyond all recognition. Two vivid characters, two time frames, two spine chilling stories. Are these two characters connected in some way? Why are they both suddenly having terrifying dreams and visions? How does their stories end? If you want to know the answers to these questions then you are just going to have to get your hands on a copy of this chilling thriller and find out.

Wow....just wow and Omg, this is a intricately plotted, extremely well written, spine chilling thriller that has a large dash of the supernatural and horror thrown in for good measure. It's a creepy, dark, mesmerising story that had me glued to my kindle and frantically turning the pages. The plot contains a couple of ingenious twists and that ending, it gave me goosebumps, it was so chilling. I would love to watch a film adaptation of this incredible book. Worth far more than five stars and definitely going to be one of my favourite reads of this year.very very highly recommended. 

                                                                      AUTHOR BIO

Dean has always loved writing, ever since his primary school teacher wrote “another cracker from the pen of Dean Bryant” on his English homework. He loves writing horror and dark thrillers as they allow him to be as imaginative as possible. He won a nation-wide poetry competition when he was 11 and went on to never write another poem.

He’s a huge fan of the classic horror authors Stephen King and Dean Koontz, with Midnight being his favourite book of all time. He studied Psychology at university which made him the friend everyone goes to for advice.

Dean lives in London with his partner of ten years, who also doubles as a beta-reader and critic. He is a type 1 diabetic, which hasn’t stopped him eating cake, he just has to do a lot of mental math first.

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PUBLICATION DATE: 30th October 2020

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BLOG TOUR, BOOK SPOTLIGHT - The Murder Club by Nikki Crutchley


                                                                BOOK DESCRIPTION

The Murder Club

‘Not all evil, on the surface, is ugly and menacing. It doesn’t always lurk in city centres after dark. It mows your lawns, frequents your local pub, takes its kids to school and contributes to communities.’

When the first letter arrives saying that ‘tonight it begins’, journalist Miller Hatcher ignores it. But then the body of a murdered woman is discovered, strangled, a scarf around her neck.

Cassie Hughes has always vowed to find the man who murdered her mother. Cassie knows he’s out there and wants him to pay, and Miller agrees to bring the cold case back into the public’s eye.

Logan Dodds has been obsessed with true crime ever since his sister was murdered thirty years ago. He has turned his obsession into a career and has created the True Crime Enthusiasts Club and his newest venture, True Crime Tours.

The lives of Miller, Cassie and Logan – all affected differently by murder – become entwined as The Scarf Killer, desperate for infamy, and Miller’s attention, makes his mark on the small town of Lentford

                                                                         Author Bio – 

After seven years of working as a librarian in New Zealand and overseas, Nikki now works as a freelance proofreader and copy editor. She lives in the small Waikato town of Cambridge in New Zealand with her husband and two girls. Nikki has been writing on and off her whole life and before she turned to crime writing had success in flash fiction. She has been published in 'Bonsai: Best Small Fictions from Aotearoa New Zealand', and 'Fresh Ink' anthologies. Crime/thriller/mystery novels are her passion. Her first novel, 'Nothing Bad Happens Here', featuring journalist Miller Hatcher, is set on the Coromandel Coast of New Zealand. It was a finalist in the 2018 Ngaio Marsh Award for best first novel. Her second book, 'No One Can Hear You', was long-listed for the Ngaio Marsh Award for best novel in 2019. ‘The Murder Club’ is the second in the Miller Hatcher series.

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PUBLICATION DATE: 31st August 2020






BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - Stranded by Stuart James


                                                                BOOK DESCRIPTION

A family trapped. A psychopath on the loose. Let the game begin…

What could be more innocent than going on holiday?

As a family drive along a quiet country lane on their way to the airport, they meet a stranger standing alone in the middle of the road.

Steering them along another path, he tells the driver, Ben, that a tree has fallen and there’s no way through.

But as they make their way along the diverted route, they come across a coach blocking the road.

Getting out of the car Ben goes to investigate and is horrified to find the passengers tied to their seats.

Then a discarded phone starts to ring…

If Ben calls the police, everyone on board will die.

Let the horrific game begin…

Every time you settle into your favourite reading chair and start reading one of Stuart James's gripping thrillers, you know that you at the beginning of what is going to be a fast paced thrill ride and Stranded is no exception. From the  moment that Ben, his wife Laura and their daughter Milly arrive at the abandoned coach and discover the prisoners, the action is non stop as we watch Ben being forced to follow the instructions of the unknown caller. In a plot that could have been ripped straight from one of the films in the brilliant Saw series, the prisoners are forced to take part in their own personal game. The question was, who were these people and why had the killer specifically chosen them to be the subjects of his very clever but twisted plans? Throughout the story,we were taken back in time and learned the prisoners background stories and why the killer thought that they deserved to be on the coach. The captive were a mixed bag of realistic characters who each had their own personal flaws but we're mostly likeable but there was one character that I didn't like very much. I thought that Ben and his family were a really likeable group but as with all of Stuart James's characters, there is always a tiny shred of doubt lurking at the back of your mind.  I mean, why would they willingly out their lives at risk for a group of complete strangers? Was there a dark motive hiding behind their acts of heroism and bravery? Interspersed throughout the story was parts that were narrated from the perspective of the mysterious caller where we learned their back story and the reasons behind their actions. The caller definitely had some serious issues but I couldn't help feeling a tiny bit of empathy for that character as their story unfolded.

Omg...just  wow and omg, I honestly love this author's extremely well written, dark, chilling, heart pounding thrillers with their multiple twists and turns and trademark shocking concluding twists. They are always fast paced, thrill rides that have you glued to your kindle and frantically turning the pages. His characters are always vivid,diverse and realistic, the settings are dark and atmospheric. I would love to watch a film adaptation of this incredible book. Worth far more than five stars and very very highly recommended.

                                                                                Author Bio: 

I have always loved scary stories, especially ones that shocked me, left me terrified, looking under my bed or in the wardrobe before going to sleep.

There was just a fantastic buzz whenever I watched or read something that took my breathe away.

I remember going to my nan’s house in Ireland as a youngster with my mother and sister, on the West Coast, staying in a cottage, surrounded by miles of fields and my family sitting around the table in the kitchen at night telling ghost stories. Going out and exploring derelict farmhouses in the middle of nowhere. I remember clearly the field at the end of the road was supposed to be haunted by headless nuns.

My cousins often remind me of the great times we had, frightening each other and running for our lives whenever we’d see something that didn’t look right.

This is why I love nothing more than to tell a story.

I started writing three years ago, penning The House On Rectory Lane which has just won The International Book Award in horror fiction. I got the idea from something that has often seemed scary to me. I know that a terrifying story has to be something that you’re frightened of doing, something that makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck, something that fills you with dread, yet also with excitement.

To me, the thought of going to a house in the middle of nowhere, upping and leaving a busy town and moving to the country is something that scares lots of people and me: the seclusion, the quiet, the darkness. That’s what inspired me to write my first novel.

My second thriller is called Turn The Other Way, which was a world wide number 1 best seller and stayed at number 1 for 19 weeks in the US.

I have multiple stories running, past and present. A family who want answers from the surgeon responsible for their daughter’s death. A young woman looking for her parents after they go missing from a party. A couple driving home and hearing screams for help from the back of the van in front of them. A serial killer on the loose in North London, dragging victims off the street.

I’m so grateful when people not only read my thrillers but also take the time to get in touch and leave a review. To me, that is the greatest feeling, hearing from people that have enjoyed my work. I know then that I’m doing something right.

My third thriller, Apartment Six, was published in January of this year and was a number 1 hot new release on Amazon for 4 weeks.

Stranded goes on pre-order Monday October 12th on Amazon and is released October 19th.

I’m 47, married and have two beautiful children. Currently, I’m a full-time plumber but would love nothing more than to make a living from my writing. I hope I write stories and people continue to enjoy them for years to come. That would be completely amazing and a dream come true.




PUBLICATION DATE: 19th October 2020




BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The Good Samaritan by C J Parsons


                                                                  BOOK DESCRIPTION

When her five-year-old daughter disappears from the park, Carrie's world shatters. She is tortured with worry and she blames herself. What if her inability to read facial expressions has put her child in danger?

But just days later, a stranger finds Sofia and brings her home.

Carrie should be relieved, but the abductor is still out there, still unknown. Still after her child.

And are those who have offered their help really the good Samaritans they seem... or has Carrie missed the warning signs?

DCI Juliet Campbell normally had no problems reading people that she met whilst carrying out her investigations but when she first interviews Carrie Haversen she has no idea what to make of her. When she usually meets the parents of missing children, they are generally hysterical and demanding action and answers but Carrie is just sat in front of her displaying no sign of any emotions with a blank face and talking in a bland robotic voice. As the interview progressed Juliet struggled to control her feelings of frustration but then Carrie suddenly revealed that she suffered from social - emotional agnosia aka facial expression blindness and also had autistic traits. These two stubborn, strong willed women who each had their own psychological character traits are the main voices throughout this captivating thriller. Carrie was a complex character and I thought that the author had done a fantastic job of portraying a condition that I have never heard of so couldn't imagine knowing how to live with. Her descriptions of Carrie's struggles to figure out how to interact properly with other characters seemed  realistic. And it was heart breaking to watch her gradually accepting Josh and Tara into her isolated life and her refusal to accept that maybe she was to trust one or both of them. On the subject of Josh, I personally thought that taking consideration her autistic traits and what had happened to Sophie, I thought she put a lot of trust in him a bit too quickly. I really liked DCI Campbell nd I loved the interactions between her and brash Irish DI Alistair Larkin. The team were a mixed bag of realistic individuals and I was pleased that the police investigation which was packed full of red herrings, twists and turns and loads of dead ends wasn't bogged down by police politics, backstabbing and oneupmanship. The third voice in the story was little Sofia who was a realistic mix of five year old emotions, character traits, needs and demands.But what would motivate someone to abduct a innocent young girl only for her to be found and returned home so quickly? How can Carrie keep her daughter safe when she wouldn't recognise danger of it as staring her in the face.

This is a extremely well written, roller coaster ride that hooks in the reader from the first page and keeps you glued to your kindle and frantically turning the pages. It's packed full of twists and turns, keeps you guessing and has a prevailing sense of foreboding that increases as the story unfolds. I would love to watch a film adaptation of this book. I thought this was a fantastic read and would love to watch a film adaptation of this book. Worth far more than five stars and very very highly recommended.

                                                                        AUTHOR BIO


CJ Parsons was born in London and grew up in Canada. She worked as a newspaper reporter at Canada's Globe and Mail before moving to Hong Kong, where she became a columnist at The South China Morning Post. She also spent two years covering crime, seeing first-hand the disturbing forces that drive people to kill, something that has informed her writing to this day.

After returning to Britain, she moved into television news, working as a broadcast journalist for both the BBC and CNN International. CJ is now
 a senior producer at CGTN. She lives in north London with her twelve-year-old daughter.

PUBLICATION DATE 1st September 2020



PUBLICATION DATE 1st September 2020





BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - No More Secrets by Jennifer Harvey


                                                                 BOOK DESCRIPTION   


No-one confesses to a murder they didn’t commit, do they?

I haven’t seen my brother for twenty years. Not since he killed the man I loved.

Now he’s back.

I have imagined this scene a million times. What would he say to me?

But nothing could prepare me for this. What he’s saying is impossible:

“I didn’t do it.”

He must be lying. Who confesses to a murder they didn’t commit?

Everyone in our town wants him gone. Everyone’s scared of him. Even me.

But maybe one of them is more scared of being found out…

And when I see something in his eyes that reminds me of everything we used to be, I realise I need to know the truth.

No matter what it costs me. No matter who wants to keep it hidden…

This unputdownable, gripping thriller is written in chapters that are set in a number of time frames and narrated almost entirely from the perspective of the main character Evie. The story opens with the shocking death of Evie's father Andrew, the one person who has been her rock since that terrible night in 1994. The night when Evie's boyfriend Michael was murdered by her older brother Ethan, a night that Evie's brain has blocked from her memory. Ethan has spent twenty years in prison for Michael's murder and during all that time Evie never once doubted his guily. But now he has returned along with their overbearing mother Carole to the small isolated town where they grew up and is insisting that he is innocent. Evie finds herself torn between her loyalties to her father and the other residents of the town who all believed that Ethan was guilty and helping Ethan uncover the truth because of Ethan didn't murder Michael then who did? But how can she uncover the truth when she has no memories of what happened on that terrible night during the hot summer of 1994, the summer when the lives of Evie, Ethan and their friend Ashley were changed forever after Michael walked into their lives. I really felt a lot of sympathy and empathy for Evie as she struggled with her loyalties whilst being torn in opposite directions between her family and the residents of the town including her friend Ashley. Evie was treated the same way by her mother as I was by my own so I could totally understand her feelings of frustration during her interactions with Carole. I also felt a lot of sympathy for Ethan as the story unfolded and his relationship with Andrew was revealed. This story doesn't have a large cast of characters but the ones who did appear were a mixed bag of vivid, diverse individuals, some likeable, some not so likeable. I loved the setting for this Book I would love to have grown up having a woods to explore right on my doorstep, a lake to swim in and cabins to hand out in when it rained. Did Ethan kill Michael? What happened in the woods that night? Will it help Evie knowing the truth or would it be better if she carried on living in ignorance?

Wow...just wow, this is a extremely well written, gripping page turner that keeps the reader guessing and glued to their kindle. It's a suspense and twist packed tale of manipulation and consequences that builds in intensity and has a shocking, heart breaking conclusion. I really really enjoyed this thriller and look forward to reading more of this author's books in the future. Worth far more than five stars and very very highly recommended.


                                                            Author Bio:                                       

Jennifer Harvey is a Scottish writer now living in The Netherlands.

She is the author of three novels.

Her short stories have been published in numerous literary magazines in the US and the UK, such as Bare Fiction, Litro Online, Carve Magazine, Folio, and The Lonely Crowd.

She has been shortlisted for various short story prizes including the Bristol Prize, the University of Sunderland Short Story Award and the Bridport Prize. Her radio dramas have won prizes and commendations from the BBC World Service. She has been longlisted twice for the Bath Novel Award.

 Author Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenAnneHarvey1  (@JenAnneHarvey1)

Website: http://www.jenharvey.net/

PUBLICATION DATE: 21st October 2020




BLOG TOUR, BOOK REVIEW - The House Mate by Nina Manning


                                                                 BOOK DESCRIPTION

The perfect life? ...Or the perfect lie?

 When Regi moves into her new house share, she's ready for a clean slate. A new home. A new routine. A new identity...  

Desperate to escape the shadow of her past that follows her everywhere she goes, Regi finds the ideal distraction in the perfect lives of others on social media.  But as innocent scrolling turns into an unhealthy obsession, Regi will soon learn that seeking perfection comes at a price...  

A gripping psychological suspense from the international bestselling author of The Daughter In Law. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, K L Slater and Jackie Kabler.

Written in chapters that alternated between then and now and voiced entirely from the perspective of the main character Regi, this is the story of a woman's struggles to lead a normal life whilst dealing with debilitating mental health issues. Regi was a complex character who's story caused me to experience a wide range of emotions as I learned about the heart breaking events from her past and the reasons behind her behaviour. In the chapters that were set in the present day whilst trying to believe that she had escaped her past, she was living in fear of someone finding out where she lived and was convinced that she was being stalked by a man wearing a baseball cap. She was also convinced that the little boy who lived next door was being abused by his mother. Were these things really happening or was her paranoid and anxious mind playing tricks on her? Was it her desire to lead a normal life like her housemates or her obsessive behaviour that caused her to be drawn into the addictive and very often epic world of social media? Poor Regi certainly had issues and I felt loads of empathy for her as she struggled to get through each day with the help of her obsessive rituals. All she wanted was to be accepted and to have someone who cared for her but she struggled to trust people especially men due to the events from her past. Her housemates were a realistic trio, some of whom had secrets and like everyone else had their own everyday issues to deal with whilst struggling to deal with and understand Regi's issues and behaviour.

This is a captivating, well written story with a plot that covers a wide range of relatable issues including obsession,abuse and grief. The Author has written about the very debilitating issues of mental health and it's affects on human behaviour with care,understanding and sensitivity. It's not a fast paced story but it is a gripping read that caused me to experience a wide range of emotions. I thought this was a very enjoyable read and I would happily read more of this author's books in the future.

                                                                           Author Bio – 

Nina Manning studied psychology and was a restaurant-owner and private chef (including to members of the royal family). She is the founder and co-host of Sniffing The Pages, a book review podcast. Her debut psychological thriller, The Daughter in Law, was a bestseller in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. She lives in Dorset.

Social Media Links –  

Newsletter:  http://bit.ly/NinaManningNewsletter 

Website:  https://www.ninamanningauthor.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ninamanningauthor1/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ninamanning78

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninamanning_author/

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/6-s3uIGpNUo

Podcast: Podcast: www.anchor.fm/ninamanning

Bookbub:  https://www.bookbub.com/authors/nina-manning

PUBLICATION DATE: 15th of October  2020

Purchase Link - https://amzn.to/3a12zLN