Book Review: Don't Let Me In by Paul Kurthausen

Don't Let Me In Don't Let Me In by Phil Kurthausen
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Sarah used to be a highly respected tv journalist until something bad happened to her almost a year ago,something so terrible that she developed a severe case of agoraphobia. Now she lives her life through social media and broadcasts pod casts from her studio in the basement of her home. Her latest series is about the murder twelve years earlier of teenager Lauren Green who's body was found in her car which was parked in a small car park surrounded by trees on a stretch of country park coastline along the river Dee. Lauren`s Muslim boyfriend Khalil Bakhari was eventually arrested,charged,tried and sentenced to life imprisonment for her murder. Khalil`s brother Mohammed and Sarah are convinced that Khalil is innocent and are working together to uncover the truth.

During the course of her investigation Sarah begins to uncover troubling information about the murder and soon finds herself the centre of unwanted attention,receiving online threats that very swiftly become physical. Soon not only Sarah's life is in danger but also her home and her family.

Voiced entirely by Sarah,this is a riveting thriller that had me hooked in from the very first page. Sarah was a complex and I`'ll be honest not very likeable character. Actually I didn't think any of the main characters had any redeemable qualities apart from Sarah's poor six year old son Finn and lil`bitch (what a absolutely wonderful name for a cat). The authors portrayals of Sarah's fear and anxieties when faced with the prospect of having to go outdoors even if it was only out in her back garden were realistic and believable. But were still not enough to cause me to feel any sympathy for her character. Interspersed throughout the book were Sarah's pod casts about Lauren`s murder,the facts about the case,the racial atmosphere and unrest at the time of Khalil`s arrest and trial. How the media and people on the internet judge people and decide they are guilty even before the trial begins. The uncomfortable truths that Sarah uncovers during her investigation. Is khalil innocent and if he is then who really killed Lauren and why? Who is Sarah's mysterious tormentor Frenchie? What happened to Sarah that she is now so terrified that she can even go out into her own back garden?

This is a compelling,well written,twisty thriller that held my attention throughout. Frantically turning the pages and totally gripped as the story unfolded before my eyes. It's keeps the reader guessing from the first page,right through to the heart pounding confrontation and the jaw dropping final chapter. This is the first book that I have read by this author and it most definitely will not be my last. Very highly recommended by little old me.

                                                                 AUTHOR BIO

Phil Kurthausen was brought up in Merseyside where he dreamt of being a novelist but ended up working as a lawyer. He has travelled the world working as a flower salesman, a light bulb repair technician and, though scared of heights, painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ken Dodd once put him in a headlock for being annoying.

He has had work broadcast on BBC radio 4 extra, published some short stories and his novel ‘The Killing Pool’ won the Thriller Round in the Harper Collins People’s Novelist Competition broadcast on ITV in November 2011 and appeared in the final. It was later shortlisted for the Dundee International Literary Prize in 2012. He lives in Chester


TWITTER : @philkurthause

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7754222.Phil_Kurthausen

E BOOK PUBLICATION DATE : 22nd October 2018

PUBLISHER : BloodHoundBooks



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